Today’s Unforgettable Adventure: Let It Be Me, by Kate Noble

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Unforgettable Adventure Giveaway: Let It Be Me by Kate Noble

Unforgettable Adventure Giveaway: Let It Be Me by Kate Noble

It starts today! 10 Great Authors, 10 Unforgettable Adventures. With every “Today’s Adventure” post between August 1 and August 13, you can register to win the featured book and the grand prize of all 10 books. We’ll announce winners on August 14.  You may enter today’s contest by going tO Kate’s Facebook page and liking it. Find links to all the authors below–follow any of them to keep up with the latest adventures.

Here’s Kate:

Everyone needs the chance to be new, at one time or other.  The chance to experience different sights and sounds, the ability to be open to learning new things and new ways of being.  To let go of a (slightly) disastrous past andface the world with a fresh perspective.

That’s how Bridget Forrester feels, in Let It Be Me, when she takes advantage of a tree falling on her house to persuade her family to go to Venice for the season.  She needs a fresh start – last season was abysmal, living in her sister’s shadow. In Venice, she can be someone different, someone mysterious – and she’s been invited to study piano with the renowned composer Vincenzo Carpenini. It will be the grandest adventure of Bridget’s life.

The only problem is, when she arrives, Carpenini has never heard of her.  But his friend, theater-owner Oliver Merrick has.  He’s been writing letters on Carpenini’s behalf, and the minute he sees Bridget’s green, trusting eyes, he knows he’s only invited trouble to Venice.

But when Carpenini and Oliver get Bridget involved in a wager, she is thrust into the glittering and dangerous world of Venice’s musical elite, and she must work harder than she has ever worked in her life.  She must transform herself from an amateur into a master pianist.  But as difficult as it is, with Oliver at her side, it is something magical.

It becomes the grandest adventure of Bridget’s life.

Ready to join Bridget in Venice? Remember to like Kate Noble’s Facebook page, and you’ll be entered to win Let It Be Me and the other nine stories. Keep up with the latest adventures and get more chances to win through any of the authors:

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