June’s Modern Belles Post

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What I learned this week: the orig­i­nal Mr. Potato Head did not come with a potato head. Because you were sup­posed to use a real potato! Or just about any fruit and veg­etable. I think it would have held a lot more inter­est for me that way–never really saw the point of the plas­tic ver­sion. How did I come across this tid­bit? For a post at Mod­ern Belles of His­tory, I wanted to dis­cuss the fic­tional pos­si­bil­i­ties of the infa­mous Wall Street tycoon and miser Hetty Green, and at some point, my brain said, “his­tor­i­cal potato heads!”

Here’s a peek at the post, and you can find the rest here.

Read more at www.ModernBellesOfHistory.com

Read more at www.ModernBellesOfHistory.com

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