Today’s Unforgettable Adventure: The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee

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Unforgettable Adventure 4: The Typewriter Girl by Alison Atlee

Unfor­get­table Adven­ture 4: The Type­writer Girl by Ali­son Atlee

10 Great Authors, 10 Unfor­get­table Adven­tures. It’s Bet­sey the type­writer girl’s turn in the give­away, and there are two ways to enter to win The Type­writer Girl and the grand prize of all ten book: Sub­scribe and con­firm to my blog (see the side­bar to the right), or like my Face­book pageEnter at both places to dou­ble your win­ning chances; check out all the authors’ links below for even more ways to enter.

A lit­tle about Betsey’s adventure:

But did you know it is almost the best job in Lon­don a girl could hope for?”

That ques­tion of Bet­sey Dobson’s turned up in the ear­li­est draft of The Type­writer Girl and sur­vived many revi­sions, but it took awhile for me to under­stand just how much it expressed about Bet­sey and the adven­ture that changes her life.

Funny how we speak of adven­ture: Adven­ture awaits. It beck­ons, calls. We dis­cover adven­ture, we embark upon it.

Which all sug­gests that we have to make our­selves avail­able to it. A shiny new adven­ture might be sit­ting in the dri­ve­way with a full tank of gas, but it’s going nowhere until we take our place in the driver’s seat.

What I loved about writ­ing Betsey’s adven­ture was how she kept let­ting it grow, just a lit­tle at a time. She thinks she’s made it, there at the begin­ning of the story. Get­ting that type­writ­ing job was an enor­mous accom­plish­ment for her. She thinks, If I can just hold on to this much, I won’t ask for more. 

Except for the word “almost.” Almost the best job. To me, that sig­naled a spark inside Bet­sey, a belief that if she gave her dreams a lit­tle extra room to run, they’d grow. And then, any­thing was possible.

Remem­ber, there are two ways to enter the give­away: Like my Face­book page and/or use form in the side­bar to sub­scribe and con­firm to the blog. Do both and get two chances to win.

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  1. Please enter me in the give­away. I love to read and this would be a won­der­ful col­lec­tion. Looks like some great books.

    • Yes, it’s a great group of his­tor­i­cal fic­tion! To enter, just sub­scribe in the form in the right side­bar or click the Face­book tab (also in the side­bar) and like my page. Thanks, Trish!

  2. Your book looks really inter­est­ing. And you’re keep­ing com­pany with a great bunch of authors!

    • Bet­ter believe I’m hon­ored! Thanks, Pat!

  3. Except for the word “almost.” Almost the best job. To me, that sig­naled a spark inside Bet­sey, a belief that if she gave her dreams a lit­tle extra room to run, they’d grow. And then, any­thing was possible.”

    I love these lines, even if they are no direct quotes. I am rolling them around in my head and think­ing about what if?

    • :) Some imag­i­na­tive what-iffing can be a very good thing, as long as it’s not about the past or cre­at­ing worst-case sce­nar­ios to fret over. Thanks, Jaye.

  4. I am so enjoy­ing this give­away! I liked your author page and will be sub­scrib­ing to your blog as well!

    • I appre­ci­ate that, Colleen! You’ll get a posts on the rest of the give­aways, but after that, it will calm down–I’m not a hard core blogger. :)

  5. Hi Ali­son! This is so much fun. I love get­ting to read snip­pets of each book and visit each author’s website :)

    • Great, Gina! It’s nice to know you’re enjoy­ing it.

  6. Hope I’m the lucky win­ner. I love all types of books.

    • Def­i­nitely check out all the posts, Theresa! There are lots of ways to enter and improve your odds.

  7. I just got your book out of the library and I’m really look­ing for­ward to read­ing it. I’m a vora­cious reader and would really love to win this give­away. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    • My plea­sure, Jean­nie. Hope you enjoy Type­writer Girl, and good luck!

  8. Shared and tweeted! Thank you for the giveaway.

    • Thanks!

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